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Specifications: Voltage 220V Frequency 50Hz Rated power 850W Current 4 A Waterproofing grade IP22 Blowing volume 73m3/h Air speed 80m/s Dimension 258*245*173 mm Unit weight 3.5kg MEAS 300*560*620 mm Package 6pcs(22.5kg) Feature: 1000W, Energy saving Convenient Sanitary Over-heating protection Electric-shock safeguard Easy to install 1.Dry hands with high speed blow 2.Energy Saving: high-speed motor, power saving, high efficiency 3.Security: Use the thermal protection and overtime protection system to avoid accidents 4.High-performance chip: adopt advanced infrared technology, control precision, stable and reliable performance. 5. Water tray: Removable water tray to prevent slippery floor, reduce accidents, with water scale Advantage: Latest wall mounted automatic hand dryer High speed motor blow hand dryer 850W, Energy saving Convenient Sanitary over-heating protection Electric-shock safeguard